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Author Topic: Gamino rules and strategy  (Read 7016 times)
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« on: March 31, 2006, 03:01:02 PM »

Let me introduce myself. My name is Thierry, the author of Gamino.
I decided to write this post to help you improving your skill with this game.
Gamino is a completly new game created by Unikgame. Rules are really simple but can lead you into a really addictive action!
A lot of cool features can be unlocked such as the very addictive rockstory memory little game !
So be prepared to become a master of gamino !

The main goal of this game is to fill the energy-meter located at the top of the screen. For this purpose, you'll have to match dominos by colors and form an hexagon.
It will explode releasing dominos' power that will fill the energy-meter.
You can only put a domino NEXT to any other one. (weither it matches or not).
When you put a domino to complete an hexagon be sure that one of its sides matches.
At this time you initiate a chain reaction and all linked dominos will explode and free their energy.

Note: To rotate a domino, use right mouse button.
To drop a domino use left mouse button.

The game stops if the game area is filled or if you run out of time
(in time mode)


Let me explain you some useful tips I personaly use when I play Gamino.
First of all, configure your game like you want. Go to the option and choose between fullscreen or window mode.
If you can't see colors, click the 'use symbols' option in this panel too. I recommand newcomers to use it as well (Personaly i use it too as it seems to be easier for me.)

Tip one :

When a 'freeze' domino is coming out, drop it near the smallest group of dominos, so the ice won't spread too much!

Tip two :

Level's layout is very important too. you'll see sometimes that some places in the game area cannot be used to form an haxagon. Use these places to put stone or gold dominos.
This way, they won't bother you too much.

Tip Three :

Did you know that you can make a "PERFECT" in gamino ?
It will appear if you explode all COLORS dominos !
It's very hard, but sometimes, you begin a level with a Bomb or a lightning domino, Use them to eliminate as much dominos as possible.
note : A "PERFECT" leads you to a level complete even if the Energymeter is not filled !
So if you can empty the field quickly do not hesitate !

Tip Four :

Remember that : the more you play gamino the more you'll be good.
Keep on playing and in no time you'll become a gamino's master !

Tip Five :

Experience have shown us, that the game is not lost until the last domino is put on the area.
Everything can happen with the right domino at the right place!
(I can't remember how often I was in difficulty then a second later the field was cleared!)

Arcade Mode:

In arcade mode, the only thing you must care about is the field and dominos.
Try to match as many dominos as possible and try to make as many unfinished hexagon in the game field. I mean, do not explode dominos too often, try to match dominos as many as possible before destroying them

With this technique,
1- you can make very big combos and fill the energy-meter quicker.
2- you can free dominos more quickly if things become tricky
3- It allow you to grab a multi bonus and use it to make Awesome combos !

note : at the begining of a level, it is important to explode dominos quickly. This way, your Multi zone will increase and so the probability to have multi on dominos. When it reaches X5 you can start the technique above to make very big combo.

Time Mode:

This mode is very fun. Your energy-meter will decrease with time !
Unikgame team has played in this mode a lot and we came to this conclusion :
you must construct a huge domino chain before exploding it otherwise you'll have very hard time to fill the energy-meter.

Try to divide the field into two separate areas : the first one is intended to make hexagons when you run out of time. Use it to fill the energy-meter.

In the second area try to construct a big chain of matching dominos. Use multi on it then, when you feel it is huge enought to fill the energy-meter, explode them all!

I hope these tips will help you in the game, and will convince you to build your own strategy to become a master of gamino !

Gamino's Author
Unikgame team.

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