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Author Topic: Sagacity solution  (Read 7484 times)
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« on: April 01, 2006, 11:06:35 AM »

do not care attempting collecting jewels for the moment !

1- first you must kill the bodyrock using the upper diamonds.
Make sure to kill him so that no rocks appear in the corridor to your left.

2- go down along the wall in the corridor until the first intersection and STOP.
do not go down no more ! go right and clear area next to TNT barrels (dig all ground)

3- go back a let a rock fall. Push it on the tnt barrels , it will free your path.

4- go right and enter the room full of rocks, diamonds, and tnt. A rock will fall behind you. Push it back
to your left until it fall in a hole.Then go right again another rock will fall
behind you push it again to your left. The third one too. now the zone is safier.
Let fall the lower tnt barrel near the crackeled wall. and crush it with a rock.
It will open the entrance to the south...

5- enter the room with three barrels. push the bottom barrel to your left until
it fall in the hole. Then push the other to the right as it arrive next to
the wall alone. then go up and make the upper barrel fall on the precedent ( they must be one on the other now)
With the rock in this room explode the two barrels and take an apple and the First artefact !
Now clear the area push the rock rightest you can.Go completely left and push the last barrel to your right just below the entrance of this room.
Now go up and push one rock in the entrance to crush
this barrel. you'll find a bomb . use it to open the entrance down left.

6- once openened, go back and push again the rock rightest possible. Go up and free acces to tnt barrel to your right. After that make it explode with a rock it will free a little
passage to take a bomb. Go back to the firt room of this level and use it to free second artefact.
Take the kill bonus. this one is here to kill the spider only ! kill it and take banana.
You shoul have 3 fruits now plus 2 artefacts !

6- end is near,go left and free one butterfly lead her to your left under a rock or diamond and kill her.
do this operation 3 time. Now collect everythings, you should have enought jewels,2 more artefacts and
the last fruit. you should have killed all monster too, so go to the exit ...

Simple isn't it  Wink
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